05 June 2012

How to Give Your Mother a Birthday Snuggle

How to Give Your Mother a Birthday Snuggle by The Bairn
  1. Make sure to wake up as often as possible the night before so that you are both niiiice and sleepy.
  2. Rest your cheek sweetly against your mother's cheek while she rocks you in the glider.
  3. Grab your mother by the hair and pull out a few strands to taste.
  4. Arch your back so you can look your mother in the eye and chortle.
  5. Throw your head forward and bury it into your mother's chest.
  6. Wiggle from side to side while sucking on alternating hands.
  7. Attempt to jump on your mother's lap while you hold her around the neck.
  8. Request that she reposition you to a cradle hold.
  9. Stick your fingers in your loved one's mouth and feel around a bit.
  10. Stick your fingers in your own mouth.
  11. Grab your mother's finger and stick it in your mouth.
  12. Fall asleep* from all the hard work of snuggling.
  13. Appear beatific with an extremely sweet sleeping face so that your mother will not sell you to the gypsies.
*Note: Do not sleep any longer than 45 minutes (and feel free to sleep for far less time than that!) as your mother will be missing you very much on her special day and will absolutely want to see you up and ready for more snuggling very soon.

1 comment:

eliana23 said...

Welcome to the rest of the birthdays of your life. Great list.

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