04 June 2012

It's the Delicious

I've been hankering for some Asian food, but
(a) our restaurant options are limited in our small town and
(b) we are frugal. 

I'm especially tight-fisted with our money at the moment because I'm deeply enamored with a TV show about couples heavily in debt.  It came on one day while I was calming down the screamy Bairn, so I couldn't get up to change the channel and then I fell in love with the program.  In every episode, a couple explains how they amassed huge amounts of consumer debt and then the star of the show, a financial guru-type person, comes in, puts the debtors on a cash budget, and assigns them weekly challenges to help them out.  I wish we could be on the show, not because we have consumer debt (we don't), but because one of the challenges this week was for the couple to get massages.  Yes, please.  Occasionally, after a particularly compelling episode, I force Steve to have a budget meeting with me or meticulously save receipts from all of his purchases.  His life was simpler before we had a TV.

Sooo, we've been making Asian food at home.  Last week we made pad thai, using this recipe, which was very good and very simple.  And then the next day, I made these Asian lettuce wraps, which were super delightful.  I tossed the leftover Jasmine rice from lunch (chicken tikka masala) into my lettuce cups to cut the heat and because Jasmine rice is yummy.

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