24 July 2012

I Want to See the Funny

I want to see this film.

If you don't listen to This American Life (why aren't you listening?  Listen to this episode and this one right away), you may not have heard of the film or be familiar with Mike Birbiglia (he's funny).  The show is currently asking listeners to request that the film play in their cities and there are links to independent theaters to petition, but there are no links for Canada.  Ira Glass, what if I'm in rural Nova Scotia?  What should I do?

Anyway, if you're in the States, you should go see it and make it extra popular so that one day it will make its way to a pizza parlor/video rental establishment near me (all of which I truly believed went extinct in the 1990s but apparently didn't as I have MANY such locations available to me).


Anonymous said...

I've stopped trying to post as myself; it's too complicated.

But I love Mike Birbiglia! I have been trying to get my spouse to listen to the TAL episode about his sleep disorder, since I have been known to change clothes, lock myself out of hotel rooms, and sock my husband while sleeping.

I see it's coming to SLC--I hope I can make it.


Anonymous said...

I see that the closest city in TN (the only city in TN) is Memphis. Way too far! But I do want to see it. Mom

MBC said...

E--I saw that it's going to SLC and I cried a little tear, but I hope you get to go!

Mom--Then you should email your local theater, Mom!

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