24 September 2013

Q: How Unwise Is It to Travel Out of the Country at 9 Months Pregnant?

A: Moderately.

We traveled to Maine this past weekend.  Our Scottish friend Sandy was in DC visiting his American girlfriend, and they drove up and met us at a cottage on the lake in Newport.

Being in a small car for 6 hours is a special kind of torture for the very pregnant and necessitated frequent stops, which pleased The Bairn because the stops involved such treats as petting a giant silver fox statue in New Brunswick and being allowed access to a McDonald's playland, something I don't believe he'd ever experienced before.  The stops pleased me because they involved such treats as whoopie pies and not having my aching back permanently fuse together or developing life-threatening blood clots.

I took zero photos of our charming cottage which sat feet away from Sebasticook Lake.  There was a beautiful, romantic harvest moon shining over the lake while we were staying there, so on our first night Steve and I ran out to the deck, declared it lovely, and then watched TV, something we have not managed to do in about 6 months.  At the same time, Sandy and Elizabeth took the kayaks out under the moon and got engaged.  I think we were all equally pleased with our evenings.

I did take a few pictures of our trip to the fair the following day.  When we were looking for an activity we discovered that the Common Ground Fair was on that day, so we headed to the train in Unity to attend.  We didn't know what kind of fair it might be, but we're way into community events, especially if they promise food on a stick and baby animals.  It turned out that the Common Ground Fair is an annual event from the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.  It was fantastic.  I asked a guy at the train (which is how we reached the fair) what to expect from the fair and he replied, "Hippies."

Oh, the food!  Fish tacos and fiddlehead ravioli and pie cones.

Pie Cone - Earth Friendly as no plate or fork is required
The Bairn watched sheepdogs herd goats and patted a bunny and saw tractors.  Steve chatted with people about alternative energy.  I coveted all the double jogging strollers.

Howard warmed right up to Sandy and Elizabeth.  He's included them on the list of people/places/things we must sing about every night at bedtime since he met them.  Here he's watching sheepdogs with Sandy.
I did not go into labor and have to book it across the border, but I did get scolded at church on Sunday for traveling so late in my pregnancy.


Anonymous said...

We are so pleased that not only did you have a good time but returned safely? Great news about S and E, Aunt J was very pleased to hear her favorite opera singer will no longer be singing solo.


Katya said...

1. I lost track of your blog after Google Reader bit the dust. I will try to do better in the future.

2. I'm super jealous that you went to Common Ground, because I never made it down there when I was living in Maine. (I'm not at all surprised that you loved it though; it seems like it would be very much up your alley.)

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