26 September 2013

Ways to Terrify the Pregnant

So I was at the library today with The Bairn and ran into a friend who had a baby here last summer.  I was telling her that I'm a bit nervous about giving birth in Canada because the whole system is just much different than what I experienced the first time.  And then she said, "Not to freak you out, but . . . "  And then she freaked me out.

Because she hates my doctor and when she compared notes with some other newish mothers, they all had similar experiences, which is that my doctor is a super interventionist and loves the episiotomies and C-sections and so on.  I do not love any of those things.

Her only suggestion was that one of her friends who would like to be a midwife (but isn't) had offered to deliver her baby for free and would likely be willing to offer free services to me as well. 

Maybe I'll just deliver this baby myself.


stash said...

I've had a similar experience with this pregnancy too. A friend told me how horrible my doctor is, and I'd really like to change doctors, but am not sure if my insurance would like that. But things are so different here, from Texas as well as Japan, that I don't know if she's even going to be in the delivery room.

I hope things go well with your baby and you get the type of birth you want.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people like to terrify pregnant women, but she had her baby and you will too. You will be fine, and everything will turn out great. Love, Mom

MBC said...

Stash--Did I know you're pregnant?! Congratulations! Hope things work out for us both.

Mom--She did have her baby, but not with that doctor. I went to see him today, though, and realized that so far all of my dealings with him have been good. I like his manner. And my friend and I are different, so our experiences will be different. I'll just make my birth plan and give it to the nurses and whichever doctor is there (it may not even be him on the day!) and we'll all do our best. Deep Breath.

Anonymous said...

earlier this week, a nurse was instructing me on how to use a catheter; as I was doing it on myself I told her that it was good that women were the people who gave birth; If the process had been left up to men, the human race would have died out long ago!

We found a very large panda bear today at COSTCO; would that work for Howard?



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