01 May 2014

For the Grandparents: 6-Months-Old

Ellen turned 6-months-old the day before Easter. She's a gem--sweet and mellow and hardworking with any kind of hammer-style toy she can find.  We love her sweet voice, especially when she growls.

I've been offering her food, but she's not really interested.  She did accept a few bites of grits and she likes to hold a green bean and suck on it.

She's crawling and frequently climbs into small spaces where she can keep toys from getting away from her. 

She fell asleep on our Easter Day walk and Steve couldn't resist taking this picture of her sweet face and fat thighs.


Anonymous said...

The attraction to grits is from her southern DNA.



Anonymous said...

Holy imp! She's gorgeous. MarmDad

MBC said...

Yes and yes.

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