16 June 2014

The Glory of Beige

I had a birthday.

We ate fish (and scallops) and chips at our local chip ship while The Bairn played in the sand pile nearby.  Then we took him to look at the live lobsters in the market next door.  They creep me out but The Bairn finds them fascinating and pretty.

The Bairn helped me blow out the candles on my German chocolate birthday cake.  Pretend that there's a tablecloth or something on that table instead of some kid's clothes.

Part two of my birthday transpired on Saturday when Steve painted our kitchen.  The kitchen was a color that I can only describe as Highlighter Yellow, and the previous home owners painted the walls, the ceiling, AND the trim that overwhelming color.  Steve's finishing the new paint job tonight if The Bairn ever goes to bed.  The new color is Corinthian Pillar, the same color as our living room.  It's kind of beige.  It's glorious.  It might be impossible to know how wonderful it is to have a beige kitchen unless you visited our house during the Yellow Year.  And white trim is a revelation.  Steve just pulled up a chair to sit and admire the door frame with white trim.  Beautiful.

Here's Steve cutting in with the new color.  Ceiling and trim were already completed.  The white spots are spackle.  There's always lots of spackling to do in this house before we paint.

I took the kids outside in the afternoon to keep them out of Steve's way, even though the weather was dreary.  They liked it out there


Ruth Cox said...

The best birthday present ever. Yay for Steve.

Ruth Cox said...

That last picture of How looks like an illustration from Winnie the Pooh.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the finished kitchen and of course the children are as enchanting as usual. I agree the Bairn looks like Christopher Robin with the red boots and blue jacket.


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